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Napoli was established in 1976 by brothers Emilio and Leo Sposito. They had moved to Ithaca from Fondi, Italy to pursue their dreams, and eight years after arriving, they accomplished that dream by opening Napoli’s doors to the public. Together they operated Napoli until Leo’s retirement in 2003. The following year, Emilio moved the restaurant to its current location in the Gateway Plaza.
From the beginning, their plan was to create as authentic Italian experience that takes customers to Italy through the taste of their food. The atmosphere has the constant aroma of homemade dishes made from family recipes, such as our sauce, meatballs, sausage, and lasagna. All sauces and dough are prepared fresh daily. To this day we strive to live up to the standards Emilio and Leo set. Napoli maintains high customer volume through word-of-mouth marketing regarding consistent quality food and service. And to this day is one of Ithaca’s favorite Italian restaurants and pizzeria.

  • Napoli's sets itself apart by using only fresh ingredients. The sauce is great and you should definitely check out their steamed clams and eggplant parmesean. Both are exceptional! My kids love the non-greasy chicken wings. Their favorite is the honey-mustard flavor. There is fast and friendly service with local delivery. With all of the pizza places in Ithaca, this one is worth checking out.


  • Food is great (their wings are by far the best in town!), staff helpful/friendly, prices are higher since Emilio and Leo owned it, but the new owner did the right thing in keeping the menu/recipes. One of our favorites.

    Pat G.

  • Napoli's Pizzeria has the best pizza and wings in Ithaca!

    Chris G.

  • If you are looking for a great value in quality italian food, look no further than Napoli's Pizzeria on State St.

    John P, Cornell University

  • Napoli's Pizzeria in downtown ithaca has better pizza than any of the chain restaurants, and they deliver fast.

    Melissa L., Ithaca, NY

  • A family run business, the food is good, prices are the best around, variety of selection is great, quality is good, service is friendly and customer-oriented. A great place to go after a hockey game or for a late night meal. Generous portions and well prepared.

  • One of the places on my short list when I go back to visit Ithaca after living there 8 years. Great pizza and the best wings.

    wcj1, Dallas TX

  • Great pizza and wings! This is what I miss living down south. My kids thought it was the best pizza ever.

    Huntersville, NC

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